Turkish Neurosurgery 2011 , Vol 21 , Num 3
Polytetraf luoroethylene Sponge Syringosubarachnoid Shunt
Aadil S CHAGLA, Ritesh KANSAL, Balasubramaniam SRIKANT
Seth G.S. Medical College @ K.E.M. Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Mumbai, India DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.3019-10.1 Syringomyelia is condition in which a cyst or cavity forms inside the spinal cavity. Its management always remains a difficult. A variety of surgical techniques have been used in management of syringomyelia. Syringosubarachnoid shunt remains an effective method in management of syringomyelia. Shunt tube obstruction remains an important complication of shunt procedure. We describe a novel technique of use of polytetrafluoroethylene sponge shunt for syringosubarachnoid shunt in patient with large syrinx and Chiari 1 malformation. Polytetrafluoroethylene sponge is a non irritant material with multiple porosities that is less susceptible to blockages or kinking. It could provide a good alternative technique in syringosubarachnoid shunting. Keywords : Chiari malformation, Syringomyelia, Syringosubarachnoid shunt, Polytetrafluoroethylene sponge
Corresponding author : Ritesh Kansal, drkansal@yahoo.co.in