Turkish Neurosurgery 2009 , Vol 19 , Num 1
Atypical Intracerebral Schwannoma Mimicking Glial Tumor: Case Report
Ahmet MENKÜ1, İbrahim Suat ÖKTEM2, Olgun KONTAŞ3, Hidayet AKDEMİR4
1,2Erciyes University Medical Shool, Neurosurgery Department, Kayseri, Turkey
3Erciyes University Medical Shool, Pathology Department, Kayseri, Turkey
4Department of Neurosurgery, Bakirkoy Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital, 2nd Neurosurgery Clinic, İstanbul, Turkey
A rare case of a solitary schwannoma arising within parenchyma of the brain is reported. A 37–year old right-handed man presented with a 3- month history of progressive headaches, lethargy and vomiting. The initial diagnosis being considered was primary intracranial tumor, including high-grade astrocytoma, metastasis or lymphoma Histopathological examination revealed schwannoma. Cysts, calcification and mild to moderate peritumoral edema are common in intracerebral schwannomas. However, our case is atypical and has no cystic component, calcification or vascularization. The pathogenesis and neuroradiological findings of intraparenchymal schwannomas are discussed and we review the related literature. Keywords : Cerebral tumor, Focal convulsive seizure, Schwannoma
Corresponding author : Ahmet Menkü, menkua@erciyes.edu.tr