Turkish Neurosurgery 2011 , Vol 21 , Num 4
Superior and Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Arteries and Their Relationship with Cerebello-pontine Angle Cranial Nerves Revisited in the Light of Cranial Cephalometric Indexes: A Cadaveric Study
Zohreh HABIBI, Ali Tayebi MEYBODI, Farid MALEKI, Seyed Ali Fakhr TABATABAI
Imam Khomeini Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN .4372-11.1 AIM: The aim was to clarify the anatomical features of the superior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries in relation to the trigeminal nerve and acoustic-facial complex and to the bony structures of the skull in a sample of male Iranian cadavers.

MATERIAL and METHODS: Bilateral dissections, calvariectomy, and brain evacuation were performed on 31 adult human fresh brains and skull bases to assess the neurovascular associations, and skull base morphometry. Equations were defined to estimate posterior fossa volume and the relationships between bony and neurovascular elements.

RESULTS: Eight SCAs were duplicated from origin. There were 9 cases of SCA-trigeminal contacts, which were at the root entry zone in 7. Mean distance from the origin of AICA to the vertebrobasilar junction was 11.80 mm, while 79% of AICAs originated from the lower half of the BA. This was significantly associated with “posterior fossa funneling” and “basilar narrowing” indexes. In most cases AICA crossed the acoustic-facial complex and coursed between neural bundles (48.3%). The AICA reached or entered the internal acoustic canal in 22.6% of cases and was medial to porous in 77.4%.

CONCLUSION: We documented anatomical variations of the superior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries along with some cephalometric equations with relevant neurovascular anatomy in Iranian cadavers. Keywords : Anatomy, Acoustic-facial complex, Anterior inferior cerebellar artery, Basilar artery, Superior cerebellar artery, Trigeminal nerve, Cadaveric study

Corresponding author : Ali Tayebi Meybodı, tayebi_a77@yahoo.com