Turkish Neurosurgery 2011 , Vol 21 , Num 1
Transfacial Approach, Pedicled Rhinotomy for a Clival Chordoma: A Technical Report
Ahmet Murat MUSLUMAN1, Adem YILMAZ1, Ibrahim COLAK1, Halit Cavu SOGLU1, Kemal UGURLU2, Yunus AYDIN1
1Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, Istanbul, Turkey
2Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.2895-09.1 Clival chordomas are frequently midline structures. Due to their critical location, invasive nature and aggressive recurrences, skull base chordomas are difficult to manage surgically. We present a case operated on with the pedicled transnasal and transfacial approach. The case presented with neurological deficits as cranial nerve palsy and findings of brainstem compression. The lesion was removed without any neurological deficit. Her deficits related to brainstem compression regressed after surgery. In our case, a large exposure was achieved through a lateral nasal incision in order to excise the tumor totally with acceptable cosmetic results, and a successful outcome was observed during the postoperative follow-up period with the surgical procedure applied. Keywords : Rhinotomy, Chordomas, Clivus, Skull base tumor
Corresponding author : Ahmet Murat Musluman, mmusluman@yahoo.com