Turkish Neurosurgery 2010 , Vol 20 , Num 4
Cauda Equina Syndrome Caused by a Migrated Bullet in Dural Sac
Wan JUN1, Kang YI-JUN2, Zhang XIANG-SHENG3, Wan JING4
1,2Xiangya Second Hospital, Central South University, Department of Spine, Changsha, China
3Xiangya Second Hospital, Central South University, Department of Orthopedics, Changsha, China
4College of Basic Medical , Central South University, Department of Physiology, Changsha, China
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.2247-09.1 Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a serious neurological condition and the most common cause is a central disc herniation. Migration of a bullet down the spinal canal is uncommon. In this report, the authors present an unusual case of cauda equina syndrome caused by a migrated bullet in dural sac. The patient's cauda equina syndrome was related to possible compression of cauda equina resulting from both bone fragments in L1 level and bullet itself in S2 level. The patient's symptoms and neurological deficits resolved considerably after surgery. In our opinion, it is important to pay attention to diversity of injury when confronted with a gunshot wound. It is essential to perform early and sufficient surgical decompression of the cauda equina to provide a better postoperative neurological recovery. Keywords : Cauda equina syndrome, Migrated bullet, Dural sac
Corresponding author : Kang Yı-jun, f2kangyijun@163.com