Turkish Neurosurgery 2006 , Vol 16 , Num 2
Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas: A Brief Review on Classification and General Features
Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, Istanbul University, İstanbul, Turkey Intracranial dural arteriovenous malformations are unique and rare pathological entities. They may present with a wide spectrum of clinical pictures and the natural disease course is also variable. The main determinant in prognosis and indication for and response to treatment is the venous architecture of the fistula. In this paper, two widely accepted classifications of dural arteriovenous fistulas, namely, a classification according to venous drainage and another one according to anatomic location will be discussed with relevant clinical and therapeutic implications. Keywords : Dural arteriovenous fistula, classification, endovascular treatment, surgery
Corresponding author : Altay Sencer, altayser@superonline.com