Turkish Neurosurgery 2007 , Vol 17 , Num 4
Spontaneously Resorbed Idiopathic Syringomyelia: A Case Report
Serdar ATAİZİ1, Zafer ÇANAKÇI2, Murat BALOĞLU3, Ahmet ÇEREZCİ4
1,3,4Institutions: Yunus Emre Municipal Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic, Eskişehir, Turkey
2Eskişehir Military Hospital, Neurosurgery Clinic, Eskişehir, Turkey
A 28-year-old female patient presented with severe neck and back pain in 2003. No abnormality was observed at neurological examination. Syringomyelia in the cervical region was determined at MRI. MRI examination of the cranial, thoracal and lumbosacral regions was normal. The patient refused surgery and was followed up. A control cervical MRI 17 months later showed that the syringomyelia had disappeared. This spontaneously resorbed case of idiopathic syringomyelia, presenting solely due to neck and back pain and with a normal neurological examination, was evaluated in the light of syringomyelia pathogenesis as only three similar cases have been identified in the literature. Keywords : Idiopathic syringomyelia, Spontaneous resolution, Chiari malformations, Magnetic resonance imaging
Corresponding author : Zafer Çanakçı, zaferfb@gmail.com