Turkish Neurosurgery 2007 , Vol 17 , Num 2
Intraradural Herniation of Intervertebral Disc at the Level of Lumbar 1-Lumbar 2
Adil ÖZTÜRK1, Emel AVCI2, Pelin YAZGAN3, Fuat TORUN4, Şeyho YÜCETAŞ5, Hamza KARABAĞ6
1Samatya Educational and Research Hospital, Radiology, İstanbul, Turkey
2,4,5,6Harran University, Neurosurgery, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
3Harran University, Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
Intradural disc herniation is a serious and rare complication of intervertebral disc rupture. The preoperative diagnosis of intradural disc herniation is still d i fficult despite new neuroradiologic investigation possibilities including computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and it is usually diagnosed by during surgery. Here we present an intradural disc herniation case at the level of L1-L2 with accompanying significant myelopathic neurologic deficits. A50-year-old female patient was admitted to the hospital with pain and weakness in both legs. Her neurological examination revealed paraparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging showed an extruded disc hernia of central localization at the L1-L2 level. She underwent total laminectomy at the level of L1-L2 and her intradural disc fragment was extirpated by microsurgical methods. Keywords : Lumbar Disc Herniation, Intradural Disc, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Corresponding author : Emel Avcı, avciemel@hotmail.com