Turkish Neurosurgery 2022 , Vol 32 , Num 2
Oxcarbazepine versus Carbamazepine for the Treatment of Post-Stroke Epilepsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Ying-Ju ZHANG1,Xue-Ming LU2,Pei-Wu LI3,Chang-An GUO3,Dong-Jun WAN1
1The 940th Hospital of Joint Logistic Support Force of Chinese People?s Liberation Army, Department of Neurology, Lanzhou 730050, Gansu, P.R. China
2Linxia People?s Hospital, Department of Neurology, Gansu, P.R. China
3Lanzhou University Second Hospital, Department of Emergency, Lanzhou 730030, Gansu, P.R. China
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.34664-21.3 AIM: To systematically evaluate the medication safety and effectiveness of Oxcarbazepine (OXC) and carbamazepine (CBZ) for the treatment of post-stroke epilepsy (PSE).

MATERIAL and METHODS: We searched Medline and other databases to identify the randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that compare the efficacies of OXC and CBZ in treating PSE. Two authors extracted and analyzed the data independently with Revman 5.3 software. The Q-test and I2 were used to test the statistical heterogeneity. The fixed or random effect models were selected according to heterogeneity.

RESULTS: Eight RCTs that include 671 patients were involved in this study. The meta-analyses result showed that the overall efficiency of OXC was significantly better than that of CBZ (OR=4.55, 95% confidence interval (CI) (3.04?6.81)), the overall adverse events (OR=0.27, 95% CI (0.18?0.42), and the incidence of vomiting (OR=0.28, 95% CI (0.09?0.85)) of OXC was significantly less than that of CBZ. No significant differences in the incidence of rash (OR=0.45, 95% CI (0.19?1.07)), lethargy (OR=0.49, 95% CI (0.16?1.45)), and dizziness (OR=0.51, 95% CI (0.20?1.35)) were detected between OXC and CBZ.

CONCLUSION: OXC seems to be superior to CBZ in the treatment of PSE, with higher efficacy, and safety than the latter. However, more research on OXC and CBZ in the treatment of PSE is required in the later stage due to the sample size limitation of our study. Keywords : Oxcarbazepine, Carbamazepine, Post stroke epilepsy, Treatment, Review

Corresponding author : Dong-Jun WAN, mingkongmimi@163.com