Turkish Neurosurgery 1993 , Vol 3 , Num 4
Nezih OKTAR1, İsmail TANER1, İzzet ÖVÜL1, Eren DEMİRTAŞ2
1Ege University, Medical School Departments of Neurosurgery, Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye
2Ege University, Medical School Departments of Pathology, Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye
Intratumoral local chemotherapy was applied as adjuvant treatment to 20 patient with recurrent types of anaplastic astrocytoma (AGH) and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). A multiport catheter was implanted into the tumour and a portable ommaya reservoir was placed under the scalp over the open craniotomy bone flap. Doxorubidne (Adriamydne) was given 0.5mg per day for ten days .and a total of ten treatments were programmed monthly for each case. Pre-operative Karnofsky performance score was between 60 and 70%. Control CT scans of the patients showed the tumour to be progressive in 40 %. regressive in 30%. and stable in 30%. In two patients a local scalp infection and a cerebellar abscess due to Nocardia asteroides developed as complications of the treatment, but no other sistemic or local side effects were detected. Mean survival in the anaplastic astrocytoma and GBM groups was 98.9 and 46.1 weeks respectively. In conclusion, intratumoral doxorubidne treatment was found to be effective against systemic i.v. administration in the anaplastic astrocytoma group rather than the GBM group. Keywords : Chemotherapy, Intratumoral, Doxorubidne, Cerebellar abscess
Corresponding author : Nezih Oktar