Turkish Neurosurgery 2019 , Vol 29 , Num 5
Effect of Preoperative Uric Acid Level and Neutrophil / Lymphocyte Ratio on Preoperative and Postoperative Visual Analogue Pain Scores in Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Cross-Sectional Study
Huseyin BOZKURT1,Densel ARAC2,Burhanettin CIGDEM3
1Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Sivas, Turkey
2Necmettin Erbakan University, Meram Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Konya, Turkey
3Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Sivas, Turkey
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.25897-19.2 AIM: To determine the relationship between the serum urate (SU) level, neutrophil / lymphocyte ratio (NLR), and pain severity using preoperative and postoperative visual analogue scale (VAS) scores in patients with lumbar disc herniation (LDH).

MATERIAL and METHODS: This single-center, cross-sectional study included 20 consecutive patients who were operated for LDH by the same surgeon. The patients’pre- and postoperative UA levels, NLRs, and intensity severity VAS scores were investigated. Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings, serum UA levels, and neutrophil and lymphocyte counts were recorded. Pain severity was recorded preoperatively and at 6 months postoperatively. Effects of the preoperative SU levels and NLRs on the pre- and postoperative VAS scores were statistically assessed.

RESULTS: Statistically significant positive correlation coefficients were determined between NLR and the preoperative and postoperative VAS scores. Negative correlation coefficients were found between the SU levels and preoperative VAS scores; in contrast, positive correlation coefficients were found between the SU levels and the postoperative VAS scores.

CONCLUSION: Our results demonstrate the importance of not ignoring the serum UA level and NLR in pre- and postoperative pain in patients with LDH. Nevertheless, further extensive studies are warranted. Keywords : Lumbar disc herniation, Serum urate, Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio

Corresponding author : Huseyin BOZKURT, bozkurthuseyinn@gmail.com