Turkish Neurosurgery 2004 , Vol 14 , Num 3-4
Chryseobacterium Meningosepticum Meningitis in A Neurosurgical Patient
Hakan SEÇKİN1, H. Zafer KARS1, Aslan GÜZEL1, Rüçhan TÜRKYILMAZ2
1Second Neurosurgery Clinic, SSK Ankara Hospital, Dışkapı, Ankara, Turkey
2Clinic of Infectious Diseases, SSK Ankara Hospital, Dışkapı, Ankara, Turkey
Chryseobacterium meningosepticum is a gram-negative bacillus that is known to cause meningitis in premature neonates, and a variety of infections in immunocompromised adults. Reports have also identified this agent as a cause of postoperative meningitis in immunocompetent adults. We present the case of a patient with head injury and cerebrospinal rhinorrhea who developed C. meningosepticum meningitis after external ventricular drain placement. It is important that clinicians consider C. meningosepticum as a cause of meningitis in any case that includes blood-brain barrier disturbance and a history of prolonged antibiotic therapy. Keeping a high index of suspicion is the key to rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment of this potentially fatal infection. Keywords : Chryseobacterium meningosepticum, meningitis, external ventricular drainage, trauma
Corresponding author : Hakan Seçkin, hakanseckin@tr.net