Turkish Neurosurgery 1992 , Vol 2 , Num 3
Tülay KESKİN, Tayfun ÖZTÜRK, Hüsamettin SARGIN, Dilşat MUCUK
BETEMAR Sağlık Tesisleri, Ankara-TÜRKİYE During period of 4 months, (November 1991-February 1992) lumbar magnetic resonance (MR) examinations were performed on 418 patients, 220 were found to have lumbar disc herniation, 19 (8.63 %) of which were diagnosed as having lateral disc herniation; 17 disc herniation extending into the neural foramen (7.73 %) and 2 were extraforaminal (0.9 %) surgical correlations were available for 11 accurate diagnossis was achieved in 10 cases (90.9 %); 9 being foraminal and MR diagnosis of foraminal disc 1 extraforaminal. One case with an MR diagnosis of foraminal disc hernia was found at surgery to be a conjoined root. In 6 of the 17 foraminal disc herniations, the herniated disc was fragmante with upward migration, 2 were confirmed surgically, the other 4 were treated conservatively. In all cases, axial and sagittal T1 and sagittal fast images were obtained. Foraminal herniation diagnosed in axial was and sagittal images. Differentiation of the disc fragment from the nerve root was possible only with sagittal MR images. MR was useful in the diagnosis of the 2 extraforaminal disc herniations with the sagittal view being most helpful. Keywords : Magnetic resonance imaging. lateral lumbar disc hemiation, foraminallumbar disc herniation, spine
Corresponding author : Tülay Keskin