Turkish Neurosurgery 2015 , Vol 25 , Num 6
Reconstruction of Tissue Defects Developing After Excision of Non-Melanoma Malignant Skin Tumors in Scalp and Forehead Regions
Murat IGDE, Sedat YILANCI, Yagmur Yaprak BALI, R. Erkin UNLU, Serdar DUZGUN, Ilhan PEKDEMIR
Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Ankara, Turkey DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.11773-14.0 AIM: The scalp and forehead are the anatomical regions where non-melanoma malignant skin tumors are commonly seen due to direct sun exposure. After surgery for non-melanoma malignant skin tumors located in the scalp and forehead, many complex defects can develop, ranging from sole skin defects to deep defects in which bone and dura mater are opened.

MATERIAL and METHODS: This study examined 43 patients who presented to the Department of Plastic Surgery in Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital and were diagnosed with non-melanoma malignant tumors of scalp and forehead between 2006 and 2013. The number of operations, the operation techniques applied, the number and type of complications (if any) of free tissue transplantation were also investigated. Various techniques are used for reconstruction of scalp and forehead region following resection of non-melanoma skin tumors.

RESULTS: In order to accomplish satisfactory results these patients have to be carefully assessed with specific parameters while performing the reconstruction of the defect and reconstruction should be planned. Patients with local invasion may need adjuvant radiotherapy postoperatively and reconstruction with free flaps is reliable in the prevention of the possible comorbid problems due to radiotherapy.

CONCLUSION: Multidisciplinary approach is needed and the treatment should be managed with neurosurgical team, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. Keywords : Forehead, Non-melanoma tumors, Reconstruction, Scalp

Corresponding author : Yağmur Yaprak Balı, dr_yyaprak@hotmail.com