Turkish Neurosurgery 1991 , Vol 2 , Num 1
Department of Neurosurgery. School of Medicine, Akdeniz University, Kepez, Antalya, TÜRKİYE The effects of Nicardipine. a Ca+ + channel blocker, on vasoconstriction of rabbit basilar artery in two different conditions, one with a dot contacting the wall of the artery and the other without, were investigated in this study. The Initial diameters of the basilar arteries were measured in all groups. When intracisternal blood was applied, They were found to be 0.35+0.09 mm in the dot removal group (CR). 0.34+0.13 mm in the dot + Nicardipine group (C+N) and 0.31+0.07 mm in the dot removal + Nicardipine group (CR+N). Each group showed significant difference when compared with the initial diameter (p<0.001). Mean basilar artery diameter was 0.4+0.08 mm following CR. 0.52+0.10 mm following C+N and no significant difference was found between these two conditions and their dot contact conditions. It was 0.79+0.10 mm in the CR+N group and this was found to be statistically significant when compared with to dot contact modition (p <0.001). Therefore, to obtain optimal benefit in subarachnoid haemorrhage the mechanical removal of the dot even a limited amount. and administration of Nicardipine might be useful. Keywords : Nicardipine, Rabbit. Vasospasm
Corresponding author : Recai Tuncer