Turkish Neurosurgery 2014 , Vol 24 , Num 2
Bronchogenic Cyst of the Craniocervical Junction: A Case Report
Ihsan SOLAROGLU1, Oktay ALGIN2, Berrin CAYLAK3, G. Evren KELES1
1Koc University, School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, Istanbul, Turkey
2Ankara Ataturk Research and Education Hospital, Department of Radiology, Ankara, Turkey
3Denizli State Hospital, Department of Pathology, Denizli, Turkey
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.7909-13.1 Intracranial bronchogenic cysts (BCs) are uncommon, and BCs at the craniocervical junction are extremely rare. These lesions are most frequently encountered in the cervico-thoracic region of the spine. Their pathogenesis is still poorly understood. Regardless of the surgical approach, the aim of surgery should be total removal of the cyst and its content, whenever feasible. In this case report, a 50-year-old patient with a BC of the craniocervical junction is presented. The patient was operated on through a right-sided suboccipital retrosigmoid approach. The uniform layer of pseudostratified, ciliated and mucus-secreting columnar cells was seen on histological examination. The clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of this unusual condition are discussed. Keywords : Bronchogenic cyst, Cervical, Cranial, Surgery
Corresponding author : Ihsan Solaroglu, isolaroglu@ku.edu.tr