Turkish Neurosurgery 2018 , Vol 28 , Num 4
Editorial Note
Dear Colleagues,

By June 2018 the Chief Editor post of Turkish Neurosurgery was delivered to me. I am aware of the responsibility that this honorable duty imposes on me. The Editorial Board was also revised and I am sure the new members of the board will join the dedicated team to increase the scientific level of our journal.

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that Impact factor of Turkish Neurosurgery for 2017 has increased to 0.775, which was 0.560 for 2016. I want to thank all previous Editors and Editorial Board members for their contribution to achieve this improvement.

As we are aware that the power of social media is indisputable, we have opened official accounts for twitter and instagram of our Journal. You can follow Turkish Neurosurgery from these accounts in order to be aware of the news about the journal. In addition, the most featured papers will be shared from the social media to incerase their reputation.

I believe Turkish Neurosurgery, the official journal of Turkish Neurosurgical Society, will continue its international representation in the best manner in the future also and your continuing support will help us managing this hard work. Also your feedbacks will be important for our Journal"s improvement. Feel free to reach us via e-mail for any question or suggestion.

Our primary goals will be increasing the scientific level of our journal and encourage Neurosurgeons all over the world to submit their invaluable papers to our journal. In this manner I appreciate the invaluable efforts of editorial team and of course reviewers who promptly and justly prepared their comprehensive reports.

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