Turkish Neurosurgery 2006 , Vol 16 , Num 1
Lumbosacral Plexopathy Developing After Abdominal Surgery: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Mehmet Fikret ERGÜNGÖR, Ali DALGIÇ, Özhan UÇKUN, Ali Rıza GEZİCİ, Önder OKAY
Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital, 2nd Neurosurgery Clinic, Ankara, Turkey Lumbosacral plexus lesions are rare as it is protected by the deep muscle layers in the retroperitoneal area and the wall of the pelvis. The lesions appear due to iatrogenic reasons after operations on the neighboring kidneys and internal genital organs. The lower extremities of cases that have undergone gynecological and/or retroperitoneal area operations should be neurologically evaluated in the postoperative period. However, since electrophysiological studies in the early period do not easily distinguish peripheral nerve lesions from plexus lesions, the cases should also be evaluated using the clinical findings. Keywords : Lumbosacral plexopathy, Complication, Surgery
Corresponding author : Ali Dalgıç, alidalgic@yahoo.com