Turkish Neurosurgery 1995 , Vol 5 , Num 1-2
Ferruh GEZEN, Alper BAYSEFER, K. Melih AKAY, Zafer ÇANAKCI, Naci SEBER
Department of Neurosurgery, Gülhane Military Medical School, Etlik – Ankara/ Türkiye A young male patient with symptoms of increased Intra Cranial Pressure (ICP) is reported. Contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT) revealed multiple intracranial masses evaluated as metastatic. During preparations for operation, the anti-human immunodeficiency virus (Anti-HIV) test was found to be positive. We believed that the lesions were toxoplasmosis and started medical treatment which relieved the symptoms and the patient recovered. A CT control on the 15 th day of treatment showed that the lesions had disappeared. As a result we consider that it is advisable for both, neurosurgeons and patients, during evaluation of patients with multiple intracranial masses, to consider AIDS related infective masses, especially toxoplasmosis, in differential diagnosis. Keywords : Intracranial mass lesion, AIDS, lntracranial toxoplasmosis