Turkish Neurosurgery 1992 , Vol 2 , Num 3
Tülay KESKİN, Hüsamettin SARGIN, Tayfun ÖZTÜRK, Dilşat MUCUK
BETEMAR Sağlık Tesisleri Kızılay, Ankara-TÜRKİYE During the first three months of 1992, 80 patients were examined with magnetic resonance (MR) for various intracranial pathologies other than. We investigated prospectively the possibility of visualization of the cranial nerves with routine MR studies of the head, and the most appopriate routine MR methods for imaging them individually. All patients were imaged with T1 weighted, T2-weighted and proton density images on the axial, coronal and sagittal planes. In general the cranial nerves were best viewed with T1 -weighted images, nerves III. VII and VIII were viewed in all three planes (axial, coronal and sagitttal) in 76-98 % of the patients. Nerves IX. X. XI and XII were viewed only with the axial plane, in 80% of cases. It was difficult to separate cranial nerve IX from X, and XI from XII because of their tiny structura and dose proximity to each other. Keywords : Cranial Nerve, Magnetic Resonance imaging
Corresponding author : Tülay Keskin